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Beachley Old Boys' Association - Notable Dates

May 1926 :

July 1927 :

September 1931 :

May 1939 :

September 1946 :

October 1947 :

November 1948 :

1952 :

1956 :

May 1964 :

December 1976 :

April 1994 :

September 1994 :

September 1999 :

November 1999 :

Old Robot Society formed.

First Reunion with 7 attendees.

The Association tie adopted.

Beachley Old Boys’ Association (BOBA) formed.

First reunion of BOBA held at Beachley.
HQ Branch established at Beachley.

First Overseas branch of BOBA formed at Fayid, Egypt.

Dedication of the Book of Remembrance.

BOBA tie adopted as the school tie.
BOBA branches formed in BAOR and Malaya.
BOBA Standard, presented by HQ branch, dedicated.

Processional cross and stained glass window in the School Chapel presented by BOBA.

Chapel Bell presented by BOBA at the dedication of St. George’s

BOBA presented two new cups for the Senior & Junior Drill & Turnout Competitions.

‘New BOBA’ formed prior to closure of the College in June 1994.

First reunion of ‘New’ BOBA at the Old Course Hotel, Chepstow.

Celebration of 75 years of ‘Beachley’ with congratulatory
message received from the Queen

BOBA veterans’ first London Cenotaph Parade. (Now annual

BOBA members on
Memorial Steering Committee

BOBA Representative

& Chairman AANM

David Chapman (60A)

Tony Waite (60C)

Colin Weir (55A)