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Beachley Old Boys Association

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Major David Chapman (60A)

Tony Waite (60C)

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To encourage esprit de corps by providing a means of uniting all past members of the Army Apprentices School / College, Beachley.

To maintain old friendships by means of social gatherings.

To keep in contact, through the medium of the Membership Secretary and website for all members.

Generally to maintain and further the dignity and good name of the Army Apprentices School/College, Beachley and of those who passed through it.

AANM Beachley-6956w

AANM Trustee Chairman Dave Chapman (left) holds office with our two Patrons, General John Stokoe (Harrogate- centre) and General Gerry Berragan (Arborfield-right) together with Johnny McGahn (Harrogate-2nd left) before Dinner

Attending the event planning meeting on the Saturday afternoon

AANM Beachley-6941w
AANM Beachley-7048w

9th September 2012- Dedication of the Chepstow Rolls of Honour at the Army Apprentice National Memorial

The Chepstow Army Apprentice Rolls of Honour were dedicated and interred into a casket at a special ceremony conducted by the Trustees and blessed by the Rev Garry Kelly at a joint Dedication to include the new Lecturn and the outstanding Commemorative Tablets. The new Standard of the Carlisle HOBA was also dedicated at the same event. A full report of the event will follow shortly.

wFotoCapri-0671-Chepstow Roll handing over
w5843-BOBA Roll

Trustee Colin Weir hands the Chepstow Rolls of Honour to Trustee Mo Hope for placing in the casket which has now been sealed by the Stonemason Keith Rackham of H.L.Perfitt of Diss.