The ARMY APPRENTICE ... remember with pride

Design factors of the Memorial

to embrace all former Army Apprentices

The most difficult factor to simplify during the initial design discussions was to identify a single icon that, as far as possible, would be an all-embracing paradigm easily recognised by the majority of ex -apprentices .

The icon chosen was the first Army Apprentice School badge with the King George the Sixth crown.

The Trustees were well aware that many apprentices were trained in various locations, and did not necessarily wear the Army Apprentice School badge as worn by a significant majority of apprentices who trained at the four colleges of Arborfield, Chepstow, Harrogate and Carlisle; an example among others, being the Royal Engineer Apprentices who trained at Fort Darland, Gillingham, Kent during 1939.

Ex-apprentices who trained at locations other than Arborfield, Chepstow, Harrogate and Carlisle, will appreciate the committee have tried to record on the memorial the location of each and every apprentice school/college/establishment where training was undertaken.

This dilemma was resolved when Commemorative Tablets were introduced. Each tablet is engraved with name, apprentice school/ college/ establishment, intake, and school/college years, thus recording a donation and record of service for all who wish to contribute through this scheme.

For example: Alfred Smith. Aldershot, 38A. 1938-1941

The Granite Benches

The Main Granite Block

The Commemorative Tablets (Individuals)

Known Apprentice training locations

Aldershot, Arborfield, Ashvale, Bramley, Carlisle, Catterick, Chatham, Chepstow, Church Crookham, Deepcut, Harrogate, Hilsea, Jersey, Taunton, Woolwich and Worthy Down.