The ARMY APPRENTICE ... remember with pride

Memorial Trustee

Vice Chairman
AOHA Representative
& NMA Liaison Officer

Johnny McGahan (59A)

Tel: 01283 703182


James F Smith (54B)

Tel: 01462 677101

Robert Cross

Objectives of the Association

To join or get more info. please contact the AOHA Honorary Secretary:

Maurice Snook (59C)

11 Cranborne Road
East Cosham
Telephone: 02392 372777

Sunday 11th May 2014 - Important event for the Association of Harrogate Apprentices - Dedication & Blessing of the Association's First Standard by the Rev Gary Kelly (Carlisle), at the Army Apprentice National Memorial, Alrewas, Staffs


9th September 2012 - Dedication of the Harrogate Rolls of Honour at the Army Apprentice National Memorial

The Harrogate Army Apprentice Rolls of Honour were dedicated and interred into a casket at a special ceremony conducted by the Trustees and blessed by the Rev Garry Kelly at a joint Dedication to include the new Lecturn and the outstanding Commemorative Tablets. The new Standard of the Carlisle HOBA was also dedicated at the same event.