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Earlier news

September 5th 2011

Commemorative Tablet listing

A full list of all tablets placed on the memorial is now listed on the 'Project' Pages under 'TABLET LOCATOR'

Dedication Day car parking

Receiving replies and reports back from the associations and intending visitors, it does appear there will be sufficient space for car parking on the main entrance car park for all our visitors. Many thanks to those people who responded to our poll for numbers who are expecting to attend on the 7th September. .

Memorial update

Recent August photos. The construction is now complete and ready for Dedication.

9th August 2011 photo by MoHope

30th August in rain, photo by MoHope

Mem 2-11-8-30w

Fund has received over £64,000

The Fund still needs your support. Still seeking donations for the foreseeable future, to provide a long term fund for the maintainance and insurance of the memorial into the distant future. This will require a sum expected to be above £30,000 to generate sufficient monies to cover the annual bills.

The Fund has now received over £64,000. This sum is depleting rapidly as the expence on the memorial construction is reaching its peak. Many thanks for all your donations made so far. The Tablet scheme has now closed and a list of all tablets laid in the Memorial floor will be posted on the website once the construction has been completed. This is expected to be completed around the end of August.

The Dedication Day Video will be produced by Barry Hunter (Chep) and his wife Mary, through their own Video Production Co from Newton Abbott, Devon. They have given their time and expense to the AANM Charity. DVD's will be available following the event at nominal cost. A video booking form will be available on this website just before Dedication day.