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Earlier News - February 2011

11th February 2011

Informal Eve of Dedication dinner 6th September 2011

The Memorial Dedication will be a big event in the Ex Apprentices calendar this year and we anticipate a big turnout. Many will stay overnight in the Staffordshire vacinity of the NMA and you are invited to join the Trustees for an informal 'Eve of Dedication' dinner on the 6th of September, at the Cedar Tree Hotel, Rugeley.

Tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis and are available at £27.00 per person. The Cedar Tree Hotel is about twenty minutes drive to the Arboretum. Premier Inns are opening a hotel in February near Rugeley and they already have another at Lichfield. Other hotels are available locally.

To make your booking, please print out the pdf form from the link below, fill in your requirements, together with your cheque, made payable to 'Colin Weir' 
(A stamped addressed envelope would be much appreciated) and send to the organizer: Colin Weir, 20 Graburn Rd, Formby, Liverpool L37 3PB.
To contact Colin please ring Tel: 01704 875653
or email:

9th February 2011 AANM Charity holds Annual General Meeting at Arborfield

This was held at the REME Museum of Technology and only two proposals were tabled, both being accepted. The founding Trustee's were proposed on block for re-election and unanimously re-elected in their present posts. The past year's account was presented, accepted by all attendees and approved. The meeting closed ar 1207hrs.

14th December 2010 Limit of 531 Commemorative Tablets

On Tuesday December 14th, the Army Apprentice National Memorial Trustees held a meeting at the memorial site, where the Stonemason did a mock up presentation. Due to construction considerations, the maximum number of ex Apprentice's Commemorative Tablets cannot exceed a total of 531.

There is only space left to accommodate another 29 Tablets and the cut-off date for ordering is the 30th June 2011  if total not reached earlier. Ex apprentices, friends and families who still wish to subscribe/donate via the Tablet scheme, are advised to complete the donation form as soon as possible, to avoid disappointment. Please send it in together with the donation, to the Treasurer, as noted on the Donation Pages.


Mock-up of site for Trustees viewing


Limited access to the Memorial during the Dedication ceremony

There is free access to all areas of the NMA during daily opening hours. All are welcome, so for all ex A/T's, relations and friends wishing to attend the NMA, tickets are not required. A small charge is levied for car parking as required.

However, due to the location of the Army Apprentice Memorial, in a secluded but small clearing among trees and shrubs, there is very limited space for visitors. During the Dedication ceremony, which is expected to last between 30 to 40 minutes, there will be a temporary rope & post cordon around the immediate area of the Memorial. For safety reasons there will only be physical space for approximately 120 ticketed people to stand within this enclosed area. These tickets will be allocated to the necessary clergy, official guests, limited association representatives and the REME musicians.

Once the formalities are over, the enclosure will be set aside to allow full access to all.

There is a strong possibility that Associations and individual ex apprentices may organize day excursions from the regions, to visit the NMA on the Dedication day and we will endeavour to make full information known when we have more details.

Dedication Ceremony starts at 10.45am 7th September 2011

1st December 2010 - Royal Signals Association denotes £500

The Royal Signals Association has donoted £500 in support of the Dedication ceremony.