The ARMY APPRENTICE ... remember with pride

Earlier News - July & June, 2010

30th July 2010 - £6,079 support added from the AOBA Reunion

During Friday evening, Gordon Bonner, Mo Hope and supporting cast raised £615 through a raffle made possible by a host of generous prizes from willing supporters. With a 2011 AOBA Calendar sell-out by Tich Schofield and an illustrated AOBA Mug sell-out by Tee-Cee and other donations, a further £464 was added to the pot. Many individual commemorative tablets were also ordered taking the total to 312.

 At the AGM on Saturday afternoon, a proposal was made for the AOBA to donate £5,000 to the Appeal. This was carried unanimously by all those present.

As a result of the AOBA weekend, £6,079 has been added to the Appeal Fund - many thanks to all concerned.

The total Fund has now stands at £38,340

24th July 2010 - Chepstow Town Council donates £500

22nd July 2010 - Royal Engineers Association donates £500

"In recognition of the long association of the Corps of Royal Engineers and The Army Apprentices through Chepstow and Arborfield, the Trustees of the REA are pleased to donate £500 toward the Army Apprentices National Memorial"

15th July 2010 - Concrete base for AAN Memorial now done

The concrete base has now been poured at the NMA allowing the grass site to settle over the winter ready for the stonemasons to do their construction work during Spring next year.

2nd July 2010 - RLC Association Trust donates £500

We have just received a donation of £500 from the heirs and successors of the ROAC, RASC, RPC, ACC and RCT etc, whose 'cap badges' also featured so strongly on early 20th Century Army apprentices.

8th June 2010 - First steps excavating the ground at the NMA


In view of the dry weather during the past week, Keith Rackham of Perfitts took the opportunity to excavate the foundation for the substantial raft base of the Army Apprentice National Memorial on the allocated site at the National Memorial Arboretum. It has become neccessary to prepare this well in advance of the memorial construction starting Spring 2011. The window of opportunity for transporting heavy concrete over the NMA soft ground is only possible during June to September.
The foundation steelwork is now in place and concrete pouring has been completed.
Mo Hope (59B Arb) and Keith Rackham (Perfitts) were on hand to take the photos.

Promotional display of the Army Apprentice National Memorial Appeal

AANM Standweb

A table-top portable display stand has been prepared for use by all Association's & interested parties to promote donations to the Memorial Fund. Its first outing was at the REME Retired Officers Dinner at West Court, Arborfield, 22nd July, followed by the AOBA's Annual Reunion and AGM at Arborfield on the 30th July and the Armourers Association Dinner at the Victory Services Club, London on the 4th September.