The ARMY APPRENTICE ... remember with pride

Chairman's welcome to Maj Gen Gerry Berragan

Our Patron, Maj Gen Gerry Berragan CB (Arb 48B), was welcomed by Chairman Dave Chapman, to the AANM committee's fourth meeting, held in the BOBA building, adjacent to Beachley Barracks, now the home of 1st Rifles.

Appeal Fund reaches new high of £18,403 by 26th May 2010

Strong donations have been received from BOBA members following the latest issue of the BOBA Beachley Echo. This is in addition to their earlier donations which opened the fund. With AOBA's strong support during February and March the Fund is progressing well.
Commemorative Tablet donations have reached a total of 167.

The Memorial Appeal Fund target has been increased to £50,000

Reviews of construction costs brought about by the need for durable and lasting materials such as granite, together with strengthening and base enlargement, has regretfully indicated some increase. The Dedication ceremony estimates have also indicated a higher allowance has to be made. This includes sufficient support facilities on site, most of which incur extra costs. The NMA is managed by the British Legion and makes no admission charge, relying on donations. All events have to cover their own facilities costs.

Completion & Dedication is in the planning stage for the 7th September 2011

Fixing the date for the Dedication has to be planned well in advance at the NMA because of the busy events schedule.

Inscriptions placed on the Memorial

The inscriptions to be placed on the Memorial are still being defined to ensure they will embrace a fitting tribute to all Army Apprentices. The committee is mindful of all suggestions received. The locations of all the known Army Apprentices Schools, Colleges and establishments will be engraved on a special granite tablet placed in a favoured floor position and easily seen.

The committee is grateful for the recent support and advice given by Eric Stratford (Hilsea 1935) the long time President of the Armourers Association. More research will be undertaken to trace all locations of Army Apprentice training.

Promotional display of the Army Apprentice National Memorial Appeal Fund

A table-top portable display stand has been prepared for use by all Association's & interested parties to promote donations to the Memorial Fund. Its early outings were at the REME Retired Officers Dinner at West Court, Arborfield, 22nd July and at AOBA's Annual Reunion and AGM at Arborfield on the 30th July.