The ARMY APPRENTICE ... remember with pride

The Army Apprentice National Memorial is dedicated to all the army apprentices who served their country and in memory of those who gave their lives for it.

Former apprentices or their families, were able to sponsor commemorative granite tablets, to be incorporated into the floor area of the memorial during construction. All spaces were quickly taken up. This was the main fund raiser to enable the memorial to be built.

Choice of design & time scale

The AANM Trustees finalized the most appropriate design and liased with the National Memorial Arboretum concerning construction and the dedication. Through the fund raising program the memorial has been now constructed. A Constitution is in place and Charity status has been granted.

At our second meeting in December 2009, an excellent provisional design was selected, together with a supplier who had a wealth of experience and a very competitive quote. We had the approval of the Trustees of the National Memorial Arboretum and the Associations for this. The AANM Trustees have now achieved their aim to maintain a lasting memorial to the Army Apprentice now the memorial is built and dedicated.

The Appeal has raised the required funds to meet all the final costs of the Memorial and and provide a legacy payment to the NMA for on-going maintenance costs.

The AANM is a
Registered Charity
No. 1137924

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