The ARMY APPRENTICE ... remember with pride

Trustees - 2015

Army Apprentice National Memorial - a registered charity No 1137924

Major General John Stokoe CB CBE (63 Harrogate)
John is a former Major General in the British Army, having enlisted as an Army Apprentice at Harrogate in 1963. Following a career in Royal Signals, culminating in the appointment of Deputy Commander in Chief UK Land Forces, he retired from the Army in 1999 aged 51. Since then he has followed a career in the commercial world in the construction, infrastructure services and IT sectors, operating at both business unit and Board level. He currently chairs companies in the Construction and Voluntary sectors and is an experienced non executive director in the Health sector. In his spare time he writes and lectures extensively on business leadership, business transformation and senior client relationship management. He enjoys sailing, painting, walking and spending time with his family. John and his wife, Jenny, live in Dorset.

Gerry 3w

Memorial Trustees

David Schofield (Arborfield 65A) - Chairman.
Johnny McGahan (Harrogate 59A) - Vice Chairman, NMA Liaison Officer &
AOHA Rep. Tel. 01283 703182
Major David (Ted) Cooper (Carlisle 61C) - Hon. Secretary & HOBA Rep. Tel. 01570 423593
Major Mike J. Davis MBE (Arborfield 60B) - Hon. Treasurer. Tel: 01363 843823
Anthony Waite (Chepstow 60C) - Hon Webmaster. Tel. 01823 669336
Maurice (Mo) Hope (Arborfield 59B) - Event Organiser & AOBA Rep. Tel. 01782 874149
Tony Fullerton (Carlisle 67B). Tel. 01942 702666
James F. Smith (Harrogate 54B). Tel. 01462 677101
Colin Weir (Chepstow 55A). Tel. 01704 875653
Robert Cross (Harrogate). Tel: 01889 577721

AANM committee 1-10-5-26web

2010 - AANM Founding Committee - L to R (Sitting) -Patron Major General Gerry Berragan CB, Major David Chapman, Major Gordon Bonner, (Standing) Major Mike Davis MBE, Max Warwick, Colin Weir, Major David Cooper, Maurice Hope and Keith Thrower at the BOBA Building, Beachley Barracks, Chepstow, May 2010.
(Johnny McGahan was unable to attend this photo call)

AOBA-5363 AANM TrusteesW

The Lecturn

(L to R) AANM Trustees attending the AOBA Drumhead Service 2012, Maurice Hope (AOBA 59B), Johnny McGahan (AOHA 59A), Colin Weir (BOBA 55A), (accompanied by his wife Jackie Weir), Major Gordon Bonner (AOBA 49B) and Major General G Berragan CB (AOBA 48B) Patron AANM Charity, who took the salute at the 2012 AOBA Reunion & Parade at the NMA, Staffs.